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Sick Day. Or Four.

Christmas was wonderful. We spent the morning sleeping in. When we woke up we made some lattes and spent an absurdly long time opening presents and gushing over each other and our gifts. Later in the afternoon we made our way to my parents house and we had a great time with family. Everyone had a few more gifts to open. There was wine. And food. And dessert. Everything was great until the next day when my mister got sick. His eyes were glassy. He got all weird and light-headed. A fever spiked. Fast forward four days... We're still home. I think he's finally on the mend, but we're still waiting to get to the 24 hour mark, fever free. Being in the house for almost four days during Christmas break has been something of a bummer. I decided we needed a pick-me-up. What could possibly lift our spirits?.... think. think....think.... Got it! CAKE. But, is it possible to make a grain-free, refined sugar-free cake worthy of lifting spirits and bringing happiness? Ummm... YES!

Grain-free Banana Cake. Sorry for the crummy picture. I was lazy and starting to feel woozy, so it's a quick shot with my phone.

The recipe is printed here  from one of my favorite GAPS/WAPF blogs, Food Renegade.

I made a couple of minor tweeks for my needs, but I'm sure it's great as is. It calls for almond butter, but I can't have almonds so I used the nut butters I had on hand - mostly coconut butter with a little walnut butter. Also, I didn't have any parchment paper so I just buttered the pan liberally.

It totally hit the spot. Brightened our dreary day. So, make it. You'll love it!

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