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Inspiration for a Mellow Monday

Valentine Heart Mobile at Salt & Twine Here's a shocker. I watched the Superbowl from the couch in my living room... in my sweatpants. I wasn't trying to be a party-pooper, but it was a long week, with Steve away for work, and neither of us was feeling our inner party animals last night.

This was my superbowl project that happened from in front of the television. This nerdy girl has a heart, after all. If you're looking to add some seasonal cheer to a space that might be suffering from some winter doldrums, or if you have a certain five-year-old niece who gives you points for coolness based on your seasonal craftiness, then make one of these bee-yoots and call it a day. This heart mobile is super easy and costs next to nothing. I'll post a short tutorial later this week. Make a Valentine Mobile | Salt & Twine Blog

More inspiration from around the interwebs:

Mellow Monday Inspiration | Salt & Twine Blog

Make an Instagram Wall Display by A Beautiful Mess. I love this. AND it's removable! I love it more!!

Mellow Monday Inspiration | Salt & Twine Blog

Get some (temporary) ink from Tattly. I'm pretty non-committalย when it comes to things like body art. So, these design-y temporary tats are making me smile.

Mellow Monday Inspiration | Salt & Twine Blog

One of my favorite bloggers, Edie Wadsworth at Life In Grace, is reminding me to just tell the truth, not to worry so much about being original, and that it has been too long since the last time I read C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity. It's time again.

Do you know Edie? I don't know her in real life, but we're totally friends in my head. She suffered a real life tragedy a couple of years ago when her home burned to the ground, and then shared the beautiful story of how, by God's grace, her heart and her home were rebuilt. Other reasons to love her: she's southern, she wears cowgirl boots, and she loves classic lit. Check. Check. Check.

Mellow Monday Inspiration | Salt & Twine Blog Eva Cassidy is singing Songbird.

This week is looking gray, but I've got a happy heart and a head full of ideas. What's inspiring you today?

Make a Heart Mobile

Make a Heart Mobile

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