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Life, Lately

LifeLately_2013June06 Life, lately.

Sunsets. Picnic Tables. Graduations. Ferris Wheels (well, just the one). One stellar guy. Farm trips. My tired eyes. Radishes. And my sweet Abuelita.

I'd say life has been good.

Oh - and those cute little legs sticking out, next to the bed? That’s what happens when you babysit an adorable toddler who doesn’t want to take a nap. You find her, five minutes later, knocked out, asleep on the floor by the bed, lights on and door open (please excuse the mess of clean laundry in the portable crib - evidence of more babysitting and a lazy housewife).

Here's some fun from around the web:

Simple, Salted, Honey, Caramel Crispy Nuts by Butter Believer

Simple, Salted Honey Caramel Crispy Nuts by Butter Believer I made these the other day, and WOAH. Good thing I only had a handful of pecans in the house... these are dangerous, but so tasty! And the best part? They're all real food ingredients, safe for anyone doing a Primal or GAPS diet. My mouth is watering, just thinking about them.

Etsy - TV Pinata

Vintage TV Piñata, by YeahYouDidShop I'm tempted to throw a party just so we can have this piñata. I have no idea what we could fill it with, since I don't eat candy. Art supplies? Jewelry? Makeup? Cash? It doesn't matter, I get a big smile on my face every time I look at it. (I can't remember where I first saw this thing featured on the web - apologies to whoever featured it first. Let me know if it was you, and I'll give you credit.)

Public Service Announcement

This is just a little summertime PSA. I don't want to look like a vampire either, so you may need to remind me of this at some point before September. And that's okay.

(Credit? Where'd this come from?)

i need some whiskey barrels

Colorful Barn Wedding by Michelle Warren at I Love SW Mag I'm a sucker for a barn wedding, and every time I look at this I know I *need* to own some whiskey barrels.

Stemless Red Wine Glasses

Dainty Red Wine Glasses at Olive and Cocoa I'm looking for some stemless red wine glasses. I'm almost convinced these are it. Aren't they so pretty? But, in my dreams the ones I get are stackable. Have you seen them? Do tell!


Bonnie Bassler: How Bacteria "Talk", 2009 Do you feel science-y? Want to learn something this weekend? This is still one of my favorite TED Talks. If you have 18 minutes, watch this. Totally rad.


(Love the quote - help me give credit for the image?) Doing things that might not work is a theme in my life this year. This blog, especially, has been an exercise in vulnerability. Risking a misstep? All the time. Worth it? I think so.

Happy Friday, guys! xoxo

Summer's Special Sauce: Cilantro Garlic Citrus Marinade

Summer's Special Sauce: Cilantro Garlic Citrus Marinade

A Salad To Make A Wish On

A Salad To Make A Wish On