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Gift Guide: For the Kids

Gift Guide: For the Kids

A scratch-off, watercolor map of the US. $28


A tin box full of crayons or markers. It works for kids of all ages, really.  There's this Star Wars box, the solar system, Pac-Man, or you can find their favorite character box. $10-$20  Fill it with your favorite supplies, like these crayons and markers


This swing, for a whole gaggle of kids.  And the reviews are amazing. $73


What's life without a little polka?  There is at least a solid chance that there might be a kids accordion in our toy chest before this year is out. $34  And, for the serious-about-polka-kids, they might need a little music book to go with. $8


Real walkie talkies. $30


Do you remember these? We loooooooooved the flying turtle when we were kids. And they're still amazing! $100


Watercolor supplies are always a win! This travel set is great on the go. $30  And this standard set is great, too. $11  And don't forget some good paper, or a watercolor journal. $11


There is magic in sharing a favorite childhood story with a younger generation, don't you think? Get them a copy of the book ($14) to read together, and then watch the movie. $10 


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Gift Guide: For the Baby & Toddler Crowd

Gift Guide: For the Baby & Toddler Crowd