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A Favorite Things Gift Guide: 15 Things From My Kitchen

A Favorite Things Gift Guide: 15 Things From My Kitchen

Sometimes, when there is an endless number of responsible things to do, I like instead to curate lists and guides of things that I just know would be an endless help to the whole internet my readers my mom.

So here goes. I’m sharing 15 things that work hard in my kitchen. If you like kitchen stuff, gift guides, or lists, then scroll on!

The gold standard garlic press. Famous for being so good. Rosle Garlic Press. $50 (On sale right now for $32). But if you're not impressed by the gold standard of things, I hear this garlic rocker $11 is pretty good, too. 

These commercial-grade, oversized, cotton, flour sack tea towels ($22 for a set of twelve) do everything I want them to. Sop up the mess, or tie them to a hot handle, or dry some produce without leaving lint everywhere. Grandma’s old fashioned flour sacks are where it’s at. But since I don’t have any of those, then these!

Your new, favorite paring knife. $10

This thing solved every problem I didn’t know I had when it came to chopping ginger for some hot tea or making cookies or any gingery reason you can imagine. I never got my ginger perfectly fine, and it was always a bit more fibrous than I really wanted it to be. We use this beautiful, little, ceramic ginger grater ($15) nearly every day.

Mesh Ball Loose Leaf Tea Diffuser $6

Maybe my favorite thing in our kitchen. If you stop by on any given morning, chances are we’re doing veggies and eggs the right way in this baby. Staub Fry Pan $80.  ALL THE LOVE.

We have an older generation of these Pyrex containers, without the glass lids. When I saw these I was tempted to *accidentally* drop the ones I had. Instead you can get them and I’ll admire (possibly steal) yours  l when I visit. Set $50

One time I told a friend about my favorite chip clips ($7 or $15), and then her eyes glazed over and she died of boredom. So I’ll keep it short. I swear these chip clips really are the best chip clips in my little chip clip universe.

No news here. I’m sure you’ve heard the chants of the wild-eyed fans (cult members?), praising this machine for all the things. The hype is real. This thing gave me my life back. BONE BROTH MAKER. Instant Pot $83 on sale right now. Who doesn’t have one yet, though?

Technically, I don’t actually own this beaut. But I did convince someone to buy it once, and they love it!  The first time I saw this piece on a bar top in a fancy restaurant, I couldn’t stop staring. She is GORGEOUS. And, as it turns out, quite the citrus workhorse. Not for everyone, but if you or someone you know, wants to be famous for a Mimosa/Crush/Screwdriver, and good taste. Well, then. Ra Chand, Best Citrus Juicer $213.  (Here's the one I own. $16 Perfect for all my low-key needs, though.)

I know *real* chefs just use the side of their knife to pick things up and throw it in the pot. I know. But I always left a bunch of food stuff on the cutting block until I started using this walnut-handled dough scraper $18 for all the wrong reasons (since making dough isn’t really a thing for me)… Get your cutting board CLEAN between foods. I mean, you’ll still need to rinse after you chop the garlic and onions. But still. 

We have a little kitchen and we need all the counter space we can get. And the day I was able to get the knife block $20 off the counters, there was dancing. 

JARS. For all that is holy, you’re going to need some jars. Weck Jars give me all the high-end, gifty vibes. But the Ball Jars are also hearing no complaints in our kitchen.  

Get all the guacamole from the sides of the bowl. And lick all the leftover brownie batter, too.  I’ve looked far and wide. Traversed many a kitchen shoppe. And this Classic Scraper $13 is still my favorite spatula for all the bowl-scraping, getting-the-job-done needs. 

Did I forget to include your favorite kitchen workhorse? Tell me what it is and give me all the tips, won't you!? Also, I've got plenty more lists where that came from. I'll see if I can avoid doing laundry and post again, soon! Until then. xo

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Gift Guide: For the Practical Man, Who Knows the Line Between Tools and Toys is Not Always Clear

Gift Guide: For the Practical Man, Who Knows the Line Between Tools and Toys is Not Always Clear

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